Business and Family Estate Management and Advisors: Jim Demyen and Evan Jehle

The Verdict Is In

Families and Business Owners: Do you need an easier life? Listen to this podcast closely. If you have a family business or estate and you are constantly looking for a good lawyer, accountant, someone to do your taxes, and set up or amend or administer a trust and generally need the A team of professionals, Evan Jehle of FFO is the person to call. He will become your one-stop Quarterback to set up with your own personal A team and make your life easier. If you employ nannies, personal assistants, gardeners and drivers at home, Jim Demyen of Critical Path Advisors will bring in his team to assure you don’t violate Labor Laws, and make sure your home computing system is protected from being hacked and that all things at home work well. Evan and Jim coordinate their teams, while not betraying your confidences, and complying with the law. These guys are interesting and professional and you may need their help now.