FFO Approach
FFO Approach

An Innovative Yet Intuitive Approach

For over a decade, we have honed our award-winning, relationship-driven approach to client service.


Placing a non-negotiable premium on safeguarding the sensitive personal and financial information of each of the families we serve is critical to our clients securing invaluable peace of mind.


Our clients expect – and our specialists deliver – exemplary quality assurance and internal controls, unsurpassed expertise and uncompromising accuracy at the highest level.


Although change on any team is inevitable, prioritizing continuous service efficiency and effectiveness standards ensures FFO is always prepared to help our clients achieve their core objectives.


Emphasizing elevated levels of care into each of our daily client services ensures our team is fully prepared to routinely deliver high quality results for the families we are proud to serve. Ultra-wealthy clients typically require and expect a greater level of service. The level of care and sensitivity exhibited in delivering this customized support is the primary difference between being a trusted advisor and being a replaceable vendor.