• A Simple Formula For Exceptional Success
    For wealth managers, strategy is straightforward; tactics are hard. The framework of what you can do to establish a personal wealth management practice with more than a half billion dollars in assets under management (AUM) and generate additional revenues through life insurance commission, planning,and investment banking fees is simple and promises significant financial gains. Read… Continue Reading FFO News
  • How Multifamily Offices Can Transform Into Elite Wealth Management And Preservation Practices
    For decades, the multifamily office traditionally has been associated with a small number of vital yet similar core accounting and financial planning services. From annual tax filings to daily bill pay to budget forecasting, most uninformed participants throughout the wealth management industry tend to only associate multifamily offices with these service offerings. Read Full Article
  • The High-Functioning Single-Family Office
    The High-Functioning Single-Family Office by Russ Alan Prince and Richard J. Flynn The world of family offices is garnering extensive and increasing attention. Many of the ultra-wealthy families with single-family offices as well as the senior management of these organizations are very concerned about how to boost value. This covers ensuring robust and efficacious leadership… Continue Reading FFO News
  • How Celebrity Family Offices Empower Their Famous Clients
    Financial problems affect everyone, including the wealthy. When the wealthy are famous, the potential for domino-like complications multiplies. Highly effective ways exist to help celebrities—entertainers, athletes, social media influencers—optimize their financial and personal lives, with celebrity family offices often taking center stage. Celebrities In Financial Trouble Before explaining how celebrity family offices empower their wealthy… Continue Reading FFO News
  • The Promise Of The Celebrity Family Office
    In 2006, we coined the phrase “celebrity family office.” In the book Fame & Fortune: Maximizing Celebrity Wealth (2008), we further documented the unique world of celebrities and how it intersects with wealth management and lifestyle services. Since then, many private wealth industry professionals have embraced the concept of a celebrity family office to varying… Continue Reading FFO News