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Evan Jehle, CPA/PFS, is a partner at FFO and a technical expert and industry luminary providing accounting, tax and business
The ultra-wealthy (net worth = US$30 million or more) are preferred clients for investments, life insurance, bankers and other professionals.
Comprehensive wealth protection is in high demand by the ultra-affluent. They are looking for ways to ensure everything valuable to
Death and taxes are certainties for everyone, including people worth $500 million or more, whose estates are subject to significant
Sophisticated financial advisors and other professionals set up loan-out corporations for entertainer clients such as actors and musicians to insulate
What do baseball’s Curt Schilling, boxing’s Mike Tyson, football’s Bernie Kosar and basketball’s Allen Iverson have in common? In addition
Elite wealth planning was once very much restricted to the extremely affluent. An individual or family needed a substantial fortune
Wealthy people go to great lengths to pass their fortunes down to the next generation, or pass down their values
For many ultra-wealthy inheritors—individuals who have received or are heirs to at least $100 million in assets—philanthropy is both a
At the third annual Creating An Excep-tional Family Office conference in Boston at the end of September, I had the
Sometimes, there are limits to even what a billionaire can buy. For example, let’s look at life insurance, often the
Focus Financial Partners is diversifying into the family office business with the acquisition of a major stake in New York-based
After more than 13 years operating as part of an international professional services firm, Rick Flynn launched his own New
Rick Flynn, a veteran in helping wealthy families preserve their millions, has launched his own family office business where he
There’s a general consensus within the private wealth industry that the number of single-family offices is booming worldwide. More telling,
A number of factors contribute to long-term success for hedge funds, starting with high-quality investment performance. Hedge funds are all
From the outside looking in, many advisors see the multi-family office model as one they wish they had. To have