Shofna Begum
Shofna Begum, Account Manager

Shofna Begum has worked at FFO LLC, starting as an Account Associate on March 16, 2020. She offers administrative, accounting and business management services for FFO’s clients. Her duties include organizing client files and bills, communicating with client vendors, as well as account payables and cash/investment reporting.

Her recent work has allowed her to grow and take on managerial tasks such as organizing client accounts receivables and reconciliations. In college, Shofna enjoyed her economics courses which inspired her to pursue a degree in the field. Shofna graduated from CUNY Hunter College in January of 2021 with her BA in Economics with a minor in Mathematics. She is currently attending CUNY Hunter College to obtain her MA in Economics.

Shofna grew up in the Bronx, New York and on her free time she likes to read books, go on hikes, and play video games!