Adaptable and scalable solutions encompassing financial and lifestyle objectives create pathways to success

Solutions & Services

FFO solutions are delivered by an award-winning team of family office, accounting, tax, business and wealth management professionals, supported by state-of-the-art-systems and technology. Products and services are offered directly or through an expansive network of elite service provider relationships. FFO centrally coordinates and manages all aspects to ensure seamless integration and effective oversight of all functions.


FFO partners are recognized industry innovators as pioneers of the Outsourced Single-Family Office, Outsourced Multi-family Office, Celebrity Family Office, Virtual Family Office and Outpost Family Office models for ultra-wealthy clients. For many high-net worth families, a traditional single-family office or multi-family office structure remains the most advantageous.

FFO evaluates the needs, goals and desires of the family in determining what high-touch service model is ideal. Our team then works to establish the protocols, procedures, and internal controls needed to manage risk while adapting to inevitable but unanticipated changes. FFO Consulting orchestrates administrative, accounting, tax, and project management aspects to create the foundation for a comprehensive and sustainable strategy.


Without constant attention to detail, even the world’s wealthiest can experience a cash crunch. FFO provides outsourced accounting solutions, including bill payment, bookkeeping, invoicing, payroll management, and vendor history. The firm maintains general ledgers and reconciles accounts against cash flow projections and analysis.


For the ultra-high-net worth individual, tax mitigation and compliance strategies are essential. FFO specialists are technical experts supported by state-of-the-art technology systems. FFO continually evaluates all the latest techniques and tactics for efficacy and employs all legally and ethically accepted practices to mitigate tax burdens our clients face.

FFO also assists in preparing federal, state, individual, and business income tax returns and helps to plan income tax projections and estimated payments to minimize periodic impact.


Though the firm does not manage or allocate assets, FFO is adept at helping clients keep finances in focus by reconciling brokerage and investment accounts, as well as hedge fund and private equity investments, and direct investments. FFO prepares monthly and annual budgets contrasted against actual expenses in addition to detailed cash flow reports. Quarterly balance sheets and statements of revenue and expense are customized for specific client needs and virtually enabled through the FFO platform.


Investment Consulting
Through decades in business, FFO has developed close relationships with many of the premier money managers and investment firms in the world, representing a nearly limitless spectrum of styles, disciplines, and risk tolerances. FFO professionals know what it takes to assemble a “viable” investment team. FFO’s independence and objectivity allow the firm to facilitate club deals and impact investing opportunities for entrepreneurial clients.

Transaction Advisory
Life altering events often allow a limited window for effective action. When liquidity events result in the monetization of assets, FFO offers the unbiased and impartial insight needed to build and manage an all-star team of attorneys and investment professionals. FFO performs due diligence reviews on potential business partners and proposed deal structures, consults on sales, and evaluates deals in relation to established long-term goals. Firm professionals work hand-in-hand with tax experts to maximize benefits and mitigate obligations.

Insurance Advisory Services
FFO teams with insurance advisors to support wise decisions and efficient policy implementation. FFO manages umbrella policy, review and updates with the frequency required to ensure optimal coverage. FFO routinely works with artwork and collectibles, coordination appraisals and cataloging assets, as well as on catastrophic coverage.

Philanthropic Advisory
The exceptionally wealthy are increasingly and acutely aware of the impact that they can have on society and how broader family finances are connected to these efforts. FFO advises on family philanthropy, including charitable vehicles and insurance coverages, foundation management, personal giving, compliance and tax consequences. FFO relies on team-building capabilities to assist in the selection of board members, facilitating discussions with family members and establishing a framework for measuring return on investment.

Family Governance
FFO acts as fiduciary and serves as trustee on behalf of clients when required.


FFO routinely works with ultra-wealthy individual and families to Identify, examine and align the best service providers to enhance quality of life and ensure integration with financial aspects. FFO handles paperwork, engagement and monetary aspects, and often aligns concierge services from a network of elite service provider relationships.

Medical Advisory
FFO offers ongoing and diagnostic review of current medical and wellness plans, as well as continuing coordination with insurance providers and medical professionals. Through our elite service provider network, FFO explores and reports on the latest technologies and trends to better manage preexisting conditions and treatment plans for client no matter where their travels take them.

Human Resource Services
FFO oversees all household staff, including interviewing and hiring, background checks, negotiating compensation, employment agreements and managing benefits issues. The FFO team coordinates with payroll providers for multiple properties. FFO is equipped to manage tasks from home construction and renovation to picking up the laundry. Our firm carefully tracks expenditure and keeps clients aware of all key developments impacting budgets and completion of projects.

Personal / Family Security
In a truly global economy, many ultra-wealthy individuals are taking steps to make sure loved ones are protected from an ever-present array of threats – whether at home, at school, on business or on vacation. FFO helps clients assess physical and online risks to develop a comprehensive strategy for mitigating both physical and online dangers.