Professional Athletes Often Suffer From Bad Financial Advice

There is a lot of evidence that a majority of professional athletes have severe financial problems including bankruptcy, usually when their sport careers end. There are a number of pronounced reasons for this with getting bad financial advice prominent and often a key contributing reason. Stories of athletes losing lots of money, and even going [...]

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The Downside Of Celebrity

There are considerable benefits to being a celebrity. There is the money, the adulation of fans, and the doors fame opens. There is also the fact that most celebrities are doing something they are very passionate about. At the same time, there are some very significant downsides for celebrities especially as they excel. The following [...]

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Many Professional Athletes Would Be Well Served If They Learned To Say ‘No’

A number of factors can contribute to the financial problems – including bankruptcy – that plague many professional athletes. One of these factors is an inability of the athletes to say “no” to themselves, their family, and close friends. Even though many professional athletes earn substantial monies, a significant percentage end up in serious economic [...]

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The Evolving World Of ‘Money Is No Object’ Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is when people travel to other countries for healthcare services. Traditionally, those in countries with less capable medical care would go to higher-quality healthcare facilities in countries with more capable medical care. More recently, there is a speedily growing trend of individuals seeking medical care in places because of the cost savings and/or [...]

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Wealth Management Tied To Loan Out Corporations For Celebrities

Loan out corporations are common ways for entertainers to protect wealth and mitigate taxes. However, relatively few of them are using them as effectively as they could. With a loan out corporation, the celebrity is an employee of the firm. The loan out corporation contracts with other firms such as production companies. His or her [...]

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The Unstoppable Burgeoning Healthcare Divide

The wealthy have the propensity to live longer and heather lives than those less affluent. This is due to a number of reasons including access to healthier foods and superior medical care. Correlated to wealth inequality, there is healthcare inequality. Moreover, the wealth gap is increasing, but it may not compare to the healthcare divide. [...]

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